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3 NEFF kitchen appliances to make home cooking effortless

We live in a world that is constantly changing and adapting to new technologies in order to make our lives easier - and the kitchen is a prime setting where such advancements can have a huge impact day to day. With savvy features and smart appliances now available to us, technology is at the forefront of the home cooking scene, and many have made their way to the top of every kitchen renovation wish list over the last couple of years.

At North East Interiors, we are proud to be a 5-star NEFF MasterPartner®, with our

knowledgeable team of experts on hand to ensure you get the most out of every NEFF product, and find the perfect one for your new kitchen.

To give you some inspiration on how you can make home cooking effortless, we’ve shared our top 3 NEFF products that will help you revolutionise your kitchen…

Slide&Hide® Built-in Oven

This innovative feature is one of NEFF’s most popular appliances, and has become the hero of so many kitchens thanks to its ingenious design. The oven door smoothly glides below the oven cavity, disappearing and allowing you to get closer to your cooking without any awkward fumbling and reaching over the door to get access inside.

Not only does the Slide&Hide® Built-in Oven give you easier access to your cooking, the CircoTherm® technology allows you to evenly cook different dishes all at the same time, eliminating the worry of any flavours transferring between them. The hot air also seals the food quickly, helping to retain moisture and reduce flavour transfer - perfect if you love to host dinner parties or you have a family to cook for.

Take a look at the incredible features of Slide&Hide®’s build-in oven:

  • Slide&Hide® - unrestricted access in the oven interior and easy handling due to rotating handle

  • Dual cleaning options: Pyrolytic cleaning programmes - just let the oven interior do the cleaning. EasyClean - the quick and easy option for day to day maintenance

  • Shift Control - fast navigation through menus and simple operation with the TFT display

  • Home Connect – manage your home appliances all at the touch of a button or via voice control activation

  • Baking and Roasting Assistant - never miss a beat with our assistant technology that will recommend ideal cooking times, temperatures and modes depending on your dishes.

Vented Induction Hobs

Bulky cooker hoods and extractor fans are now a thing of a past, thanks to NEFF’s sleek integrated ventilation systems. Combining two appliances in one, this clever feature offers a clear view while cooking - eliminating the overbearing cooker hood for a sleek, contemporary look in your kitchen. With a vented induction hob, you can also enjoy a range of helpful features, such as automatic air sensors, easy temperature adjustments and a removable, magnetic control dial to give you precise control over your cooking.

NEFF’s impressive vented induction hobs also contain powerful integrated extractor fans to help control steam and remove cooking odours as soon as they arise, for a more seamless way to cook at home!

Let's take a closer look at some of the advanced features of NEFF’S vented induction hobs:

  • TwistPadFire® – reclaim control over your cooking with our removable, magnetic, illuminated control dial

  • Combi Induction – heat large cookware by joining together two of our circular cooking zones

  • Automatic Air Sensor – frequently adjusting the extraction rate to match your kitchen surroundings

  • Power Move – in one simple and easy slide your cookware can adjust the temperature Power Transfer – as soon as you reposition your pot, the settings will automatically update

Warming Drawers

We all know that having a main meal served hot is a basic necessity, however, in a busy family home or in preparation for a dinner party, this simple task can be a bit more of a challenge. NEFF’s warming drawers offer versatility and convenience for when life gets hectic, with the ability to warm up cookware and food as well as a number of additional functionalities, such as proving dough, defrosting frozen produce, melting chocolate or even slow cooking.

The drawers are the perfect addition to any kitchen, allowing you to preserve the temperature of your food without drying it out or over cooking it - a real life kitchen nightmare! The design is just as sleek as the rest of NEFF’s oven range, with the drawers situated seamlessly beneath each single or compact ovens so it’s integrated with the overall design and is easily accessible.

NEFF offer a range of built-in warming drawers to suit your needs which come with a variety of features including:

  • Push & Pull – just one gentle touch and the drawer will open and close easily

  • Stepless temperature control - the cooking and baking process has never been easier with our stepless temperature control from 40°-80°C.

Looking for some tips and tricks on how to bring your dream kitchen to life? Download a FREE copy of our ebook below...


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