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4 reasons why you should have your kitchen made by a British supplier

As a local, family run business, we know how important it is to shop a little closer to home, especially when it comes to your new kitchen. This room is generally seen as the heart of any family home - it’s where every meal is prepared and enjoyed, as well as a centre point for everyday life and entertaining loved ones - so you want to choose your supplier wisely.

At North East Interiors, we’ve recently partnered with a fantastic British supplier, which presents a number of benefits both for us and our customers. In this blog post we've shared 4 reasons why we’ve established this partnership, and why you should get your dream new kitchen from a UK based supplier…

Faster lead times

The number one benefit of buying from a British supplier is that the lead time on your new kitchen will be much shorter than opting for a supplier that’s further afield. There’s no denying that Covid and Brexit have had a huge impact on importing products from overseas. At North East Interiors, the increase in lead times from our European suppliers has been quite an adjustment, and despite the quality being worth the wait, it’s not always ideal for our customers who want to renovate their home without lengthy lead times stalling the process by months.

For many people, the desire to renovate their kitchen comes from their current space becoming a source of frustration, dated in its design and no longer functional as their needs for the space change. By this point, it’s only natural to want the designs and installation of your new kitchen well underway, so having a supplier who can deliver quickly is a real bonus.

When you opt for a British kitchen supplier like ours, the lead time on your new kitchen is cut dramatically, as each part is being made on home soil. That means you can bring your dream new kitchen to life and enhance your home in a fraction of the time it would usually take for an EU supplier.

Greater quality control

Manufacturing standards here in the UK are well known for being fantastic, which is why so many people see ‘made in the UK’ as a seal of approval on the quality of finish and high level of craftsmanship.

At North East Interiors, we’re committed to designing, supplying and installing kitchens of an excellent quality, so that our customers can enjoy a brand new space that perfectly reflects their style and is functional for the years to come. Since the UK has an excellent reputation when it comes to manufacturing standards and quality control, our partnership with a new British supplier allows us to meet our customer’s expectations and deliver on the standard we strive towards.

Reduced carbon footprint

With climate change and sustainability being more of an immediate concern, many people are looking to reduce their carbon footprint wherever they can. It may seem like a small switch to make, but the environmental impact caused by ordering products from overseas compared to a more regional supplier can be a crucial factor in some people’s buying decisions.

When you get a new kitchen from a British supplier, it’s a much greener choice than having orders shipped from suppliers outside the UK. Buying from overseas means more fuel and energy consumption is used in the delivery process and therefore, more carbon emissions. The fewer miles your chosen kitchen has to travel, the less harm it inflicts on the environment.

Support the UK economy

When you choose to buy from a British supplier, you’re playing a vital part in supporting the UK economy as a result - something which has become especially important since the pandemic and the more recent increases in the cost of living.

Money that is spent on businesses here in the UK is recirculated within the local community, helping to drive the national economy upwards and create more jobs. Not only that, local businesses spend their money with other local businesses, so by choosing a UK kitchen supplier you’re also supporting a number of other British companies too - such as transportation, designers and tradespeople. So, not only are you getting a high quality kitchen in less time, you’re also doing your bit for the environment and the UK economy.


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