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5 beautiful new bathrooms from the Pelipal 2020 range

The bathroom can often become a neglected space in the home. With limited opportunities to accessorise with soft furnishings and accessories, it can be difficult knowing where to start or how to choose your dream bathroom.

To give you some inspiration and help you find the perfect bathroom for your home in 2020, we’ve chosen our top 5 picks from our supplier, Pelipal...


Pelipal’s Cassca range is a beautiful combination of functionality and modern design. The clean white units paired with an elegant curved shape and silver handles creates a look that is both modern and timeless. Not only does it look effortlessly stylish, the Cassca’s integrated lighting options and spacious storage units, including a handy pullout laundry basket, gives you a space that is functional for everyday life.


The dark wood finish of this Pineo bathroom range creates a grown-up look that’s full of depth and character. With spacious cubic units in a soft, smooth finish, it’s a cool and contemporary bathroom that evokes a feeling of understated luxury. The sleek metal handles add a subtle detail to the overall design that keeps the eye drawn to the beautiful wooden finish.


With white mineral marble and glass washbasins on an elegant curved unit, the Contea range is full of luxury and style. The atmospheric lighting in the mirror cabinets and around the sink unit brings a relaxing ambience to the space, while the smooth Sanremo Oak Terra finish brings a touch of nature to the room which evokes a feeling of calm. It’s an exclusive and sleek design to bring a little bit of luxury to your bathroom.

Solitaire 6040

For a contemporary, urban style bathroom, the Solitaire 6040 is a great option that is both simple and striking. Its straightforward design, featuring smooth surfaces, recessed cubic front panels and integrated aluminium handle strips, creates a modern look that would pair well with the popular industrial trend. To complete the edgy, urban style of this range, the units are accentuated with stylish yet practical LED lighting.


The glossy white finish of the Balto range is an impressive look for any size bathroom. With clean lines and sleek glass front panels on the vanity units, the range adds a touch of style that feels light and effortless. Paired with elegant atmospheric lighting, this design creates a modern space where you can truly relax and feel at home, without missing out on luxury.


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