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5 bedroom ranges from our new supplier

With our sociable living spaces taking centre stage, bedrooms can often be found further down the home renovation list. But if the events of the past year have taught us anything, it’s the importance of finding a state of true relaxation within our own homes, a space where we can wind down, enjoy lazy weekend mornings and rest our heads after a busy day.

Here at North East Interiors, we like to keep our fingers on the pulse when it comes to contemporary home design, which is why we are delighted to have established a partnership with a brand new bedroom supplier, Colombini Casa. As a leading manufacturer in Italian furniture, they offer high quality craftsmanship and bespoke features, allowing us to design innovative, contemporary bedrooms for our customers.

To showcase our new supplier and help you find some inspiration on what your dream bedroom could look like, we have gathered our top 5 picks from Colombini’s 2021 catalogue...

GOLF, double room 206

Inspired by a stylish city apartment, the golf bedroom furniture range and FLEXO closet is perfect if you’re looking to create an edgy, open-plan concept in your bedroom. With a striking glass partition and black matt finishes, the closet embodies a modern, industrial style. Drawers with glass tops allow you to organise your belongings to perfection and easily find them, while the seamless blend of textures and monochrome colour palette create a harmonious look that feels very contemporary and stylish.


Opting for a feature colour in your new bedroom may seem like a risky leap, but this double bedroom from the VOLO range shows just how stylish a bold colour can be. With a soft green and hints of oak, this design gives a nod to nature to make the room look peaceful and inviting, while the sleek gold handles add a touch of sophistication to a fun and youthful design.

A mix of dimensions, from a low bed to tall wardrobes creates an illusion of a larger space and allows plenty room for storage. The open shelving allows you to bring your own unique personality into the room, with the option to show off your favourite decorative pieces and keep everything else tidied away behind closed doors or drawers.

Vitalyty Sogno

This beautiful bedroom combines modern style and classic elegance. The magnificent bed frame adds a splash of colour and a sumptuous velvet texture, with clean lines and a straightforward shape to create an effortless look.

Handleless floor to ceiling wooden wardrobes mean that clutter can be kept to a minimum and space can be maximised, while minimal, handleless drawers offer an additional storage solution and contemporary design feature. We think this is a dreamy bedroom, full of warming tones that are perfect to relax in after a long day.

Vitalyty Sogno walk-in-wardrobe

With Colombini Casa, effortless style is just as important behind closet doors as it is in the rest of the bedroom. Combining sophistication and plenty of storage, their walk-in-wardrobes from the Vitalyty Sogno collection are the ultimate expression of elegance.

Featuring wall to floor storage, open shelving and glass front drawers, you can find items effortlessly and keep as much of your belongings tidied away as possible with bespoke storage solutions tailored to your space and lifestyle.


This playful design from the GOLF range ticks all the boxes for a child’s bedroom. With extensive storage solutions designed in a fun and exciting way, such as drawers incorporated into the stairs, we think this bedroom would be a joy for children to play in, and easy to keep tidy and organised.

Pops of bright yellow paired with muted grey gives the room a cheerful aesthetic that’s perfect for children to combine play time and bedtime.


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