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5 emerging kitchen trends for 2023

Now more than ever, kitchens are one of the most sociable yet functional spaces in any home - doubling up as a place to cook, eat, work and entertain. If you’re looking ahead with the hope of renovating your kitchen in the new year, it’s important to create a space that is both stylish and practical to suit not just your aesthetic tastes, but also your lifestyle.

To help you find some inspiration for your brand new kitchen, we’ve shared 5 of the top kitchen trends we’re seeing emerge for 2023…

Natural elements

As more people look to bring the beauty and tranquillity of nature into their homes, organic elements are continuing to show up in new kitchen designs for the year ahead. Not only do natural materials and design features create a stylish and unique look, they also help to add a sense of warmth and cosiness - perfect for a home kitchen.

Natural stone worktops, eco-friendly materials, wooden cabinetry and metal accents will be key features for kitchens in 2023, as well as the use of copper and bronze for a touch of luxury. As mentioned, green is a colour we’ll continue to see more of in the next year to add to the natural look and feel people want from their kitchens, whether it's light, sage tones or rich forest greens.

Homely touches

Although the sleek, polished look is still very desirable, we’re seeing a lot more features that make the kitchen look just a little bit more lived-in and authentic than a show home as we head into 2023. After all, a kitchen is the hub of any home, so creating a homely atmosphere through clever design features helps to bring that welcoming quality to life.

So rather than having everything neatly shut away behind a cabinet door, consider incorporating display cabinets, open shelving and cosy seating areas to make anyone feel at home in your kitchen. Not only do these help to keep your space organised, it also adds a bit more personality and warmth.

Smart technology

Technology continues to dominate our everyday lives and so the kitchen has become a space to facilitate its use and make everyday life at home a little easier. From wireless charging stations and integrated appliances, to simple additions such as smart LED lighting, technology is revolutionising the way we cook and clean up.

Even dishwashers - which have been around for years - are expected to become an increasingly popular kitchen appliance in 2023. Not only are they incredibly convenient for our busy lifestyles, they’re also much more energy efficient than washing dishes by hand, which is becoming far more prevalent during the cost of living crisis. With eco functions and superior performance than older models, factoring a dishwasher into your new kitchen design will be a game changer on so many levels.

Unique colours

As the desire for personalisation and self expression in the home continues to rise, we’re predicting that there will be more diverse colours used in new kitchen designs this year. It’s time to move away from the classic whites and neutrals, and towards blues, greens and yellows to add some character to your home.

As well as the more vibrant colours, deep tones such as black are also becoming increasingly popular in kitchen renovations, as it adds a level of sophistication and elegance while still being edgy and modern if done correctly. If you’re not feeling particularly brave when it comes to the colour, unique finishes such as concrete and marble are great for adding a more subtle statement.

Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands have always been high on any new kitchen wishlist, and they’re not going anywhere in 2023. This year, the feature is evolving to become even more of a sociable space and a focal point in the room, with extra seating incorporated so you can cook, entertain or simply relax with family and friends more easily.

Since any kitchen island is a centralised feature, it’s in a handy position for you to make use of every bit of space available, whether you have your hob on the island or use it as an extra surface for preparing meals, all while being able to actually socialise with loved ones instead of facing the wall.

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