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Hosting essentials: Must-have features for a summer-ready kitchen

Spring has sprung and we’re hoping that the brighter days are here to stay throughout the eagerly awaited summer months! With longer evenings and warmer weather, summer is the perfect season for hosting social events with family and friends. However, if you’re unhappy with your living space and in need of a renovation ahead of social gatherings, we’re on hand to ensure hosting your summer celebrations is a breeze…

To help you step into summer with a kitchen designed for effortless hosting, we’ve unveiled 4 features that will transform your space and elevate your kitchen in time for the summer months. From tailored layouts to contemporary design elements, you can trust North East Interiors to enhance your hosting experience this summer…

Counter space

Essential for preparing food and serving up lunch or dinner buffet style, having ample counter space in your kitchen is fundamental for your hosting experience this summer. Maximising both style and functionality, U-shaped kitchens are an ideal layout for hosting all year round and are designed to create an efficient workflow. Offering a generous amount of countertop space with easy access to all areas of the kitchen, U-shaped kitchens also provide versatile hosting options such as buffet style summer spreads.

For those looking to enhance their space with a kitchen add-on, incorporating a breakfast bar can also provide extra countertop space, as well as encourage interaction between you and your guests. Acting as a designated space to sit and stand during special occasions, breakfast bars are an excellent space-saving solution for homes big and small.

Maximise space and flow

Providing a spacious and comfortable space for guests to socialise is essential when hosting celebrations this summer - especially on the hotter days! L-shaped kitchens are a fantastic option for maximising space and flow and subtly separate the cooking area from the rest of your living space, allowing guests to interact with one another around the open end of the L-shape. This creates the perfect layout for you to catch-up with loved ones whilst still having easy access to the main event - the food!

Another space maximising alternative is an open-plan kitchen layout, a popular choice for modern living spaces. Offering seamless connection between the kitchen, dining and living areas as well as improved natural light, open-plan layouts also offer a flexible use of space that can be adapted to social events or gatherings.

Good lighting

A dinner party essential - good lighting design and placement can set the mood for your entire evening. The role of lighting plays an important part in creating a welcoming - and functional - atmosphere in the kitchen and finding the sweet spot between task and ambient lighting can be tricky. Luckily, we’re on hand with some dazzling suggestions…

For lighting best suited to help with pre-hosting tasks such as food preparation and cooking, lighting that creates a shadow-free environment and works with the style of your kitchen is top priority. Under-cabinet lights are a great way to illuminate countertop space and create a stress-free cooking station. Alternatively, pendant lights over a kitchen island also serve as effective task lighting, whilst adding depth and dimension to your space.

To set the mood for your guests arriving and create a welcoming environment; soft, ambient lighting is the best way to go. Whether you’re hosting a stylish dinner party or an evening of cocktail making, adjustable lighting that allows you to control the mood as the day transitions to evening is essential. Some examples of aesthetically pleasing ambient lighting include chandeliers that add a touch of elegance to your kitchen, and classic bar lighting, presenting a timeless design that can be dimmed and controlled throughout the course of the evening.

Keep cool!

A key consideration when hosting during the warmer months, creating a cool and calming environment in a busy kitchen is essential to keeping your guests happy this summer! Ensuring the heart of your home is properly ventilated is the first step in creating a comfortable space when hosting. This can include installing a range hood or exhaust fan that effectively removes heat, smoke and odours from your kitchen ahead of social gatherings.

Ceiling fans can also help circulate air and create a cooling breeze in the kitchen, as well as being energy efficient and reducing the need for expensive air conditioning! Opting for built-in energy efficient appliances, such as refrigerators and dishwashers, also generate less heat during operation and contribute to a cooler kitchen environment - meaning you can still cook up a storm whilst your guests stay as cool as a cucumber!

Interested in transforming your kitchen in time for summer get-togethers? At North East Interiors, we are committed to helping you bring your dream kitchen to life with ease. By discussing your requirements with our in-house team of design experts, your bespoke kitchen could be with you in as little as 6-8 weeks from our premium German supplier - Schüller. This means you can start planning social events and celebrations in your brand new kitchen ahead of the summer months!


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