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Our projects: A kitchen revamp for our owners

Client: Maureen & Raymond Douglas

Date of project: February 2023

Location: Stonehaven, Aberdeen


  • Enhance the space to make it more modern, in keeping with the rest of the home

  • Create a cohesive sense of flow throughout the downstairs

  • Brighten the area for a more light and airy feel

The brief

North East Interiors owners Maureen and Raymond are no strangers to a refurbishment, but they had neglected their own home improvements over the years and were looking to update their 18 year old kitchen once and for all. 

With outdated decor and a desire to better utilise the space, they were keen to update both the style and functionality of their kitchen by removing a wall between their kitchen and dining area, providing a larger space for cooking and entertaining. 

The ideal outcome was to produce a spacious, open-plan kitchen/diner that felt bright and contemporary. Easy-to-use storage options were also essential to future-proof the kitchen and ensure accessibility throughout Maureen and Raymond’s retirement years.

The process

Once we had gained an understanding of Maureen and Raymond’s vision, sizes of the kitchen were collected which allowed us to draft an initial brief and start with the design process. At first, we focused on designing the layout of the kitchen/diner and making sure it was usable, rather than honing in on the potential colour scheme. We then prepared three outline designs for Maureen and Raymond to review, before fusing their favourite components from each to create one design that the couple were happy with.

Our focus then turned to the look and appearance of the room. After falling out of love with their outdated decor, Maureen was drawn to a modern marble worktop finish, which guided the aesthetic for the rest of the room. The doors and flooring were then designed to match and compliment the contemporary worktop finish. 

We then helped them choose the appliances that were required for the kitchen/diner. Since we had incorporated a kitchen island to separate the space, it was decided that both the hob and integrated extractor fan would be located here to allow for more space to entertain and socialise with guests. 

The result

Maureen and Raymond’s kitchen has been elevated from an outdated design to a sleek and contemporary kitchen/diner that they love. The room maximises on the natural light flowing through the now larger space, and offers a contemporary yet timeless design, with a clean and bright colour scheme, accompanied by light wooden finishings.

During the planning stages, Maureen and Raymond were keen to find a design that would allow them to better utilise the space as an open-plan kitchen/diner. By removing a wall between these separate rooms, the space now benefits from a handy central island with a beautiful marble finish to seamlessly divide these two spaces. The island also houses both the hob and built-in extractor fan, making the most of the space available. 

The modern and comfortable dining area is now the perfect place to socialise and entertain guests, as well as having a discreet TV area that compliments the rest of the room’s decor, providing Maureen and Raymond with space to relax after a busy day at the showroom.

“We couldn't be happier with the end result! We now have a space we can actually live in, rather than a kitchen that was used solely for cooking in and a dining room that was used only a handful of times a year. We created a matching TV area as well so it really is a space that's now used all the time as the hub of our home.”

Maureen Douglas


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