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Our projects: Angela’s new kitchen

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Date of project: January 2018

Client: Angela Lunan

Location: Blackdog


  • Modernised the design with a theme that tied in with the rest of the ground floor

  • Maximised the space available with a more effective layout and storage solutions

  • Incorporated new flooring and radiators throughout the ground floor accommodation.

  • Created a more open-plan area that allowed more natural light into the room

The brief:

Angela came to us with a desire to completely transform her dated kitchen into something more contemporary and aesthetically pleasing, in keeping with the rest of the house. Although the existing beechwood style units were fashionable at the time of instalment, trends have moved on and Angela was looking to create a modern look in her home that was practical and matched her lifestyle better than the existing layout.

The process:

Our first step in this project involved carrying out a home visit to see the existing kitchen and have a chat with Angela about her requirements. This really helped us to understand how she was using the space, what the lighting was like and how she felt about certain features, which gave us a better sense of what could be improved.

In Angela’s case, she saw her kitchen as an isolated and impractical area, so reconfiguring the layout was going to be essential in resolving these issues and creating a space she would love. To do this, we decided to remove the panelled french doors which separated the beautiful sunroom from the kitchen, creating a modern open-plan layout.

After an in-depth discussion about her budget and personal style, we got to work creating a design that was far more practical and contemporary. We then agreed to lay new flooring not only for the kitchen, but the cloakroom, hallway and sunroom - this helped to create a consistent flow throughout the downstairs, and resolved the issue of these separate areas feeling disconnected.

The result:

Angela’s kitchen has been completely transformed into a modern and homely space, incorporating wooden finishings and a stylish light grey colour scheme that gave the room a beautiful upgrade without contrasting too much from the rest of the ground floor decor.

Incorporating taller units allowed us to maximise the space available, and give Angela more storage options without wasting the middle section of the wall. This made the entire kitchen much more practical and easy to use.

Since we connected the kitchen and sunroom to create an open-plan layout, the space enjoys plenty of natural light and allowed us to achieve a more modern look and feel, while resolving Angela’s main concern of the original kitchen feeling very isolated from the rest of the ground floor.

"I honestly can't fault the team at North East Interiors - they did a perfect job, going above and beyond. It’s the best thing we ever did! We love the space, and are really happy. The workmanship is brilliant and we’d certainly recommend them.”

Angela Lunan


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