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The 4 step process of getting your dream kitchen or bathroom from North East Interiors

It can be tricky knowing where to start with your kitchen or bathroom renovation, especially right now as you cannot visit showrooms. However you can still make progress and get your project started with a little help from the team at North East Interiors.

To give you an idea of how to do this, we’ve shared our 4 step process on what you can do, alongside our expert designers, to get your kitchen or bathroom renovation started...

Consider what you really need

Stand in the room you would like to tackle and try and look at it objectively, as if you are seeing it for the first time. Does it meet your current needs in terms of functionality and layout? Does it look how you want it to and have the items you would like in the room, such as a social or formal eating space, or easier corner cupboard access.

As you do this, remember to balance your wants against your needs. You may like the sound of a boiling water tap in your kitchen, but if everyone in the household is out at work all day or aren’t avid tea drinkers, having this feature wouldn’t be the best use of your budget.

This early stage is where a good designer can really help you out if you are unsure. At North East Interiors, we can lay out all of your options that you maybe hadn’t considered, the pros and cons for each, and provide you with an itemised quotation so you can make an informed choice and pick the features that are most important for you, and will enhance your daily life.

Find inspiration

Looking around for visual inspiration is a great way to see what is available and identify what you would like your dream kitchen or bathroom to look like.

Pinterest is a good place to start - but be aware that some of the images will be of custom work and not available as standard. You can also check out our kitchen and bathroom webpages or our Facebook and Instagram to browse beautiful photos from our suppliers, showroom and customers. There is also a free online room planner here if you are really keen.

As you gather inspiration, make a note of what you do and don't like, the features that you think would work for you, and identify common themes in the images that you like. Perhaps you are drawn to a particular colour or style, or maybe there’s a particular feature that you find yourself gravitating towards. If you are living with a partner, it is best to try and get on the same page with what you both want your new kitchen or bathroom to look like at this stage, as this will make the process easier further down the line.

Virtual consultation

Once you’ve got an idea of what you want for your new kitchen or bathroom, and identified what your current space isn’t giving you in terms of style and functionality, get in touch with us and we’ll do a virtual consultation with you.

To get your project underway, we would want to discuss the following on our call:

  • What you are hoping to get out of the space

  • Your ideas and wish list

  • Your room measurements, such as the length, width, height, door location/size, window location/size, etc.

  • A rough idea of colour scheme/style - this is helpful but not necessary at this stage

When taking room dimensions, we recommend using either imperial or metric but not both, and if you are thinking of moving walls or doorways, then the more information you can give us about your current space, the better.

Following our initial consultation, our professional designers can put together a design or multiple designs for your chosen room, and email you with a technical room plan and full 3D colour graphics. This will help you start to visualise what your room could become.

Design and quotations

To work on getting the design exactly right for you, you can email, call or video chat with our expert designers along the way. They will be able to help you out with support and advice in product selection, matching your requirements to what is available, and recommending items we know work well together to help bring your dream kitchen or bathroom to life.

At this stage, a fully itemised quote will be put together so you can see exactly what you want and how much it will cost. Since we are a family business, we can be more flexible than larger companies and will keep working to get the design and quote exactly where you want it to be for your budget.

Now you are 80% of the way complete in making your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality, without even having to leave the house! The final stage would be to come into the showroom (we will be open as soon as it is safe to do so) and confirm your layout, finishes and costing. The contract can then be signed, deposit paid and a survey booked to double check the sizes and measurements before we get started with fitting and installation.


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