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The 5 features you need to create your dream kitchen in 2021

As we welcome a brand new year, with a lot of our time still expected to be spent in our homes, it’s no surprise that many goals for 2021 are focused around home improvements. With so many kitchens being transformed into make-shift home offices and classrooms in 2020, now is the perfect time to rethink your kitchen design for the long-term.

To give you some ideas on what your dream kitchen could look like, Barry Douglas, designer at North East Interiors, has shared his line-up of the top five features for anyone looking to renovate their kitchen in 2021.

Two-toned colour palette

“Opting for a two-toned kitchen is a simple yet effective formula for creating a truly stunning finish. Not only does this give you the opportunity to experiment with different textures, such as rich wood grains, sleek gloss and matte finishes, or stylish patterns such as marble, a two-toned kitchen allows you to create an instant sense of interest in the space.

“Whether you prefer a more rustic look with wood accents, a minimalistic approach with black and white, or you want to incorporate your favourite colour, a two-toned kitchen is a perfect way to personalise your design to suit your own unique style.”

Instant boiling water tap

“With so many of us still working from home, it’s no surprise that the instant boiling water taps are one of the hot trends of 2021.

“Our new way of working has elevated this new technology from a handy extra that’s nice to have, to a kitchen staple that will be used for the years to come.

“Whether it’s for quick cooking to feed a family, or making yet another cup of tea between zoom meetings, the innovative mechanisms give you boiling water instantly and safely, so you can be sure that this trusted tap will make everyday life run a little smoother.”

Discreet storage

“Storage will always be a key feature for any new kitchen, particularly in a busy family home. But with more time being spent in the kitchen, and not just for cooking, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing open shelving and display features being swapped for more discreet storage solutions and compact kitchen designs for 2021.

“With appliances concealed and items hidden from view, your kitchen will instantly look tidier and allow you to maximise the space so that your kitchen is more flexible for whatever it will be used for going forward.”

Kitchen islands

“In 2019, research showed that residents in the North-east of Scotland ranked kitchen islands as a ‘must-have’ for their dream kitchen, which seems to be a continuing trend for the year ahead.

“With working from home becoming the new normal for so many households, the kitchen island has gone from being the dream to reality. It’s no longer just a striking focal point but also a practical element that allows you to compartmentalise your physical space between work and home.”

Smart kitchen technology

“Making your kitchen functional and future-proof for its many uses is crucial for anyone looking to renovate their space this year. With technology dominating our daily lives, why not incorporate helpful gadgets in your new kitchen to make it a more practical space?

“Communication panels and wireless charging stations are a life-saver, particularly for anyone still working from home. With this smart feature, you can enjoy the flexibility of charging your tech and using kitchen appliances without being tethered to a wall socket.”

Although our showroom remains closed during the current lockdown restrictions, our team of experts are still available to help you get started with virtual design consultations.


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