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A closer look at the Targa kitchen range from Schuller

Having a beautiful kitchen that perfectly encapsulates your style is so important for making it a space that you can truly live in. Whether you want to spend hours cooking in solitude, entertaining guests, or bringing the family together for mealtimes, having a well designed kitchen makes a huge difference to your home.

To give you some inspiration for a new kitchen that combines a beautiful aesthetic with impeccable functionality, we’ve taken a closer look at the Targa range from the Schuller 2020 catalogue…

Modern Industrial style

With the minimal design and neutral colour palette, the range is a clear nod to the incredibly popular industrial trend. However, while the industrial style focuses on exposed elements and striking raw materials such as brick work and metal frames, the Targa kitchen is much more refined.

The striking scuro marble effect on the worktops and backsplash keeps the weathered element of industrial styling. But, when paired with contemporary brass grip ledges, clean lines and luxe gold detailing, the Targa range can be seen as an elevation of the industrial trend.

Sleek and minimal

By incorporating grip ledges, the cupboards embody the effortlessly sleek finish that makes the range so luxurious. This minimal design, paired with gold accents in the accessories and grip ledges, creates a classy overall look.

Another feature which adds to this stylish kitchen is the modern LED lighting. Cleverly integrated in the support panel shelf, this not only adds a stunning highlight to the beautiful black marble backsplash, it also puts everything in the right light to make home cooking that little bit easier.

Hidden functionality

While the overall look of your kitchen is important, don’t forget the little details that make this a practical space for everyday life. Behind the impressive overall look, the Targa range has a variety of highly functional design elements, such as partitioning for cutlery and spacious drawers with flexible pegs on the inside to keep pots and pans secure.

For additional organisation, the Targa range also features large pantry drawers with flexible partitioning to keep everything in order, as well as beautiful oak storage boxes that are perfect for storing any kitchen gadgets or additional food products.

The well-considered design of the Targa range offers a kitchen that looks incredibly stylish and contemporary, but also makes modern living easy with its effortless functionality and storage solutions.


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