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Choosing the right splashback for your kitchen

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Standard tiled splashbacks have been a common addition to most kitchens for decades, originally installed with the sole purpose of protecting our kitchen walls from spills, splashes and cooking debris. However,in recent years, as we have become more concerned with the aesthetic of our homes. There are now a variety of modern splashbacks designs which have the ability to protect your kitchen, while also complementing it beautifully.

To help you identify the perfect splashback to best suit your kitchen and lifestyle, we have compared their different designs and functionalities to make that decision a little bit easier for you...

1. Tiles

Perhaps the first option that comes to mind when considering splashbacks is tiles. They are incredibly popular, as they are very cost effective, straightforward to fit and easy to clean.

It is also important to note just how much freedom tiles can provide, from colour to design. Geometric, herringbone, hexagonal and mosaic tiles are just some of the splashback designs which we have seen appearing more and more in kitchens today. These more eye catching designs are perfect for adding some life and style without costing an arm and a leg.

If you are looking for a simple but on trend splashback design, subway tiles can be a great option. Getting their name from the iconic New York subway and London tube, these tiles are often seen as plain tiles arranged in an offset pattern. Although these can be purchased in almost any colour, white subway tiles work well when looking to create a classic or farmhouse kitchen design.

2. Glass

If you’re looking to create a sleek and glossy look in your kitchen without using tiles, a glass splashback is a great option. If you love bright colours, a glass splashback gives you the opportunity to introduce your chosen shade while keeping the overall look incredibly stylish, or if you prefer a minimal look, black or white glass will create a more luxurious finish that will still look beautiful for years to come.

Not only is glass a simple yet striking option for a splashback, it can also be considered much more hygienic than a traditional tile design, as there are no crossover points. The smooth glass panel will allow you to clean from top to bottom with no indentations for bacteria to hide.

3. Wood

Perhaps more unconventional is the option of a wooden splashback, which acts both functionally and as a beautifully subtle finish in many kitchens. Wooden splashbacks can be used to carry a finish throughout the entire kitchen, creating a very cosy and comfortable atmosphere, or to add the beauty of natural wood to your chosen colour palette.

A kitchen can greatly benefit from the texture and mood which timber can bring and with a wide variety shades, types and finishes, wooden splashbacks can be personalised to best suit the room. Natural wood however, must be sealed by glass so that it functions as a splashback, however there are a range of artificial options that create the same overall look.

4. Mirror

Similar to a glass splashback, mirrored designs are another great option for those looking to add more light to their kitchen space. Mirrors can be used to bounce and reflect light to areas of the kitchen while also adding a sleek and modern feel. The addition of a mirrored splashback will also immediately enlarge the room and can even be used to accentuate and draw the eye to your favourite parts of the kitchen.

5. Stainless steel or copper

If you are searching for a more practical splashback material, stainless steel and copper are extremely hard wearing, easy to clean and heat resilient, highlighting exactly why they are the common choice for most professional kitchens. Not only are they highly functional but when styled correctly these look great in a modern home adding sleekness to your kitchen design at a very affordable price.

6. Marble

Marble is another splashback finish which has become more popular in recent years for those looking to achieve a contemporary look and feel in their home. Most commonly seen in pale ivory tones for a bright and airy style, darker shades of marble can add depth and sophistication for a look that is equally modern and luxurious. Although real marble is an expensive option, alternative materials can help you achieve the same look at a more affordable price.

Tip - It is a good idea to choose the overall design of your kitchen before commiting to a splashback. As seen above, splashbacks can be used in many different ways to utilise your kitchen and bring out your own individual style, not just to protect the walls from splashes. Decide on the other features in the room before installing a splashback.

To find out more about how we can transform your kitchen, visit our showroom where our experts can help you get started, or call us on 01224 820822


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