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How much does a new bathroom cost in Aberdeen?

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

The top question we’re asked by people looking at new bathrooms is “how much is it going to cost us?” To help you figure out if you can afford a new bathroom, we’ve decided to share some insights and advice, as well as cost-saving factors you can consider.

Average price ranges

The cost of a new bathroom depends on a variety of factors, such as how big the room is, the layout, tiling, and your own personal style.

To give you a rough figure, based on projects we’ve done across the north east of Scotland over the years, we would estimate the following:

For a simple family bathroom, including a basic shower and fitting - around £7,000+

For a family sized bathroom with all the walls fully tiled, storage units, and luxurious extras such as a deluxe tap and designer radiator - £10,000+

We reckon the average cost of a family sized bathroom will range between £7,000 - £10,000, however, these are estimates, and it may be more or less expensive for you, based on the following factors.

Where to start

If you’re considering upgrading your bathroom, or renovating any room in your home, the most important thing to consider first is the layout, and how much space you have to play with.

This will help us to start building an overall picture of what the bathroom could look like and options that are available to - which allows us to get more accurate with estimating a total cost.

At North East Interiors, we provide a free design and quotation service, to help you get a more accurate price of how much a new bathroom will cost you. We can measure and review the space in your home, and work alongside you to create a layout that you are happy with. Based on these measurements, we can then give you a 3D layout and colour visualisation of your new bathroom, and the cost of each item so that you know what to expect.

Then comes the fun part - coming up with designs that suit your budget and lifestyle, and bringing your dream bathroom to life.

What do you want from your bathroom?

It’s so exciting discovering all the little details you can add to your new bathroom, but it’s important not to get carried away and figure out what will bring you the most value, within your budget.

For example, if you live alone or as a couple, you may not need massive storage units that hold enough space for a whole family. Or you may be tempted with a fancy jacuzzi system, but do you actually have a bath that often, or do you prefer a shower?

Consideration is key. Try to figure out exactly what you need and what you’ll get benefits from, rather than spending money on extras you may never use, or may regret later. First and foremost, your bathroom needs to be functional, and it needs to be tailored to your everyday life.

How to save money on a new bathroom

Just like with any other room in the house, a great way to cut the cost of getting a new bathroom is to really think about whether you need to upgrade everything in the room.

Perhaps upgrading a few key elements, giving the space a fresh lick of paint, and adding in a few new accessories will help you achieve the functionality and refreshed look you’re longing for.

We’re working with a couple right now who have a fully tiled wall and floor that they’re happy with, but we’re putting in a new shower enclosure, a new toilet and some storage units to update the room and give it a freshen up.

We see this cherry picking approach to renovation more so in bathrooms compared to kitchens, so remember that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Top tips from the North East Interiors team

Don’t compromise on quality to cut costs. Quality is the most important factor to consider, so you don’t have any issues later down the line, or don’t have to upgrade items again any time soon. There are other ways we can help you bring your costs down, while still allowing you to get a quality, reliable bathroom.

Get inspiration early on, so you know what you like, and more importantly what you don’t like. We can help with this, as we have a variety of bathroom displays in our showroom in Bridge of Don, and a huge volume of tiles and wallboards to take a look at. We also have brochures from key bathroom suppliers that you can take away to browse.

The taste of the average person only lasts 7-8 years, whereas quality bathroom products are designed to last double this. So make sure you choose your style carefully and don’t be too influenced by current trends.

Are you looking to sell your home in the next few years? Yes a new bathroom can help you sell, and could help you secure more money, but there is a limit to how much you’ll add to the value of your property. Our tip here is to create your new bathroom for you, and don’t make decisions based on a future buyer. If you love your new bathroom, and get value from it, then that’s the ideal situation.

If you still have questions around the costs of a new bathroom, we’d be happy to help. You can call 01224 820822, or pop into our showroom in Bridge of Don.


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